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This iOS app, crafted with veterinary-level insights, empowers you to prepare nutritionally balanced homemade meals. Embark on a journey of dietary excellence and delight your furry friends with the best in care.


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How It Works

Let's consider a sample recipe involving six commonly used ingredients. We start by taking equal amounts of each. By comparing the nutrient amounts, present in the mix, against established nutritional guidelines, we can reverse engineer the optimal proportions for the ingredients and adjust the weights accordingly.

For illustration purposes we will visualize only twelve of the essential nutrients but the same principle apply in general. The following chart displays the quantities of these nutrients and how they are distributed among the selected ingredients before any optimisation. It's evident that foods such as eggs and meat are denser in the important for dogs nutrients and likely to be given greater weight in dietary formulations.

Nutrient-breakdown in 100g from each ingredient

The aactual optimization process is uses an advanced algorithm that leverages our team's expertise in both data science and canine nutrition. Just press the optimise (paw) button and in a second the weight of your chosen ingredients will be adjusted to best suite your furry best friend.

Ingredient Initial Weight Final Weight
Turkey 100 g 197 g
Egg 100 g 65 g
Liver 100 g 37 g
Rice 100 g 54 g
Carrots 100 g 26 g
Broccoli 100 g 29 g

The ultimate dog nutrition app is FREE.

This iOS app, crafted with veterinary-level insights, empowers you to prepare nutritionally balanced homemade meals. Embark on a journey of dietary excellence and delight your furry friends with the best in care.

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Mixing the ingredients:
  • Easier digestion: A consistent texture and mixture might be easier for some dogs to digest, especially if the dog is older or has dental issues.
  • Better flavor distribution: Mixing can enhance the meal's overall flavor by combining different tastes and textures, which might be more appealing to some dogs.
  • Eat your vegitables: Mixing ingredients helps ensure your dog consumes all necessary ingredients, preventing selective eating where they might only choose their favorite parts of the meal.
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Note from Topi's human

Topi, my lovable Labrador, was a chubby puppy with two great passions: a hearty appetite and a knack for wreaking havoc on my furniture. As he happily focused on the latter, he entrusted me with the responsibility of managing his meals. Amidst the overwhelming marketing noise, several essential questions emerged:

  • What nutrients are vital for my dog’s well-being?
  • Which foods can provide these essential nutrients?
  • Are these foods safe and appropriate for canine consumption?
  • What are the ideal proportions for a balanced diet?
  • How much food does my dog need to meet his caloric requirements?

While there are various tools to help answer some of these questions, none seemed to offer a truly streamlined solution. Driven by my devotion to Topi and a desire to help others facing similar dilemmas, I started developing this app. TopiBowl is not just a product; it's a passion project rooted in our common love for our dogs. This project is yours as much as it is mine, and it will evolve with your feedback and involvement. As long as I’m steering this ship, I guarantee continuous enhancements and a responsive platform for all your concerns and suggestions.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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Dimitar Kolarov

NAVC Certified Pet Nutrition Coach


Homemade dog food allows you to use higher quality ingredients tailored to your dog's taste preferences, without the need for preservatives. Concerns have been raised about potential links between ultra processed commercial dog foods and an increased risk of cancer in dogs. By preparing homemade meals, you have greater control over the ingredients and can ensure your furry friend receives a healthier, more nourishing diet.